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I love the movie Air, I’ve watched it 8 times now, but I love anything with Affleck, anything with sneakers and anything Nike. I had my homies @bologna and one of my buddies not from WST on to talk about sneakers, but this movie has stuck with me, so I’ve decided to rank my top 5 Jordan’s of all time.

5. Jordan 3 “Black Cement”

The Jordan 3’s were the 1st Jordan that Tinker Hatfield designed and Jordan wore them during the 88 All Star Game, the elephant print is iconic, and still used in Jordan designed to this day. There are plenty of Jordan 3 color way’s but for me the Black Cement is where it’s at.

Jordan 8 “Aqua

The Jordan 8 in general is polarizing, it isn’t the most comfortable sneaker, but the look is clean. MJ only wore it in one game, the 93 NBA All Star game, but for some reason this color way always was a favorite of mine. The fuzzy tongue, the wing straps, and the huarache inner sleeve. I can’t wait for the “Playoff 8’s to come out again this fall.

Jordan 4 “Military Blue’s”

These are the only J’s that Michael never actually wore during a game, but this look is still clean and, there are other 4’s that people prefer but for me this is a perfect sneaker for summer and with jeans during colder months

Jordan 11 “Concords”

The Jordan 11 is the sneaker that made me love shoes, I was in 8th grade at Canton Middle School, and there was this kid named Easton, and he was one of those dirtball’s from Bartlett, who’s parents bought him everything, he walked in with every pair of sneakers that came out, Jordan’s, Air More Uptempo’s, Foamposites, everything, and he looked down on you for not being able to keep up with him, but when I saw these sneakers, I knew there wouldn’t be a pair of sneakers that would ever top it, except I was wrong…there was one more

Jordan 11 “Bred’s”

This is where I’m going to get real shit from sneaker heads by going back to back 11’s, This was another sneaker that douchenozzle rubbed in everyone’s face, and to me its the greatest looking sneaker I’ve ever owned or set eyes on, the Bulls colors are absolutely top notch, as an adult I’ve brought ever re-release that they’ve done.

I know, I know, no Jordan 1? Don’t get me wrong, that shoe is why this movie exists, but this is my list, the sneakers I wanted when I loved Bulls basketball are really the 4’s and up.

Honorable Mention:

I love the Jordan 5 silhouette, and purple is my favorite color, this barely missed the list. Also Will Smith rocked all the great Jordan’s on Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

Jordan 5 “Grapes

Air is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, and in theaters, I highly recommend it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite Jordan’s. send em to me at Dough Boi Svo, or if you just want to lament on how bad the SNKRS app sucks ass hit me up on Twitter @doughboisvo

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