July 2023

The Bass Is Buying The Jam!

Welcome all music lovers to the 27th episode. Tonight we pay our respects to legend Tony Bennett! We also talk if it’s a good idea for artists to be messing with their classics. We also celebrate Dr. Funkenstein George Clinton’s birthday. We pick out 14 of our favorites that have the amazing Bass intro that we all know and love. Fasten your seatbelt as we get to 100 on this groovetastic taste of musical fun!

Best of the Twitters: Strike Edition

There hasn’t been a Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists  joint strike since 1960. Do you know what’s going on in Hollywood with the SAG-AFTRA Strike? Guest blogger Quernzy gives a little insight on the tweets she feels best represent the Strike!

Deep Sabbath and The Minuteman!

We welcome you as we take a look deeper into a wide array of music. We talk a recent Stone Temple Pilots and Local H concert and look back at a past date they happened to share the bill. We Look deep into Sabbath with 14 tracks to get to know the band. From Ozzy to Dio at the vocal helm to what makes the band tick. We talk what could have been with D. Boon lead singer of Punk/Hardcore band Minutemen. A class act on the guitar that was a one of a kind talent. Always trying to keep it funky in a fun way.

What Could’ve Been!

On tonight’s 25th HOOKUP, we want you to take a look at what could have possibly been in music. Amazing artists who were taken too soon. Cliff Burton, Otis Redding, John Lennon and so many more stories to understand all the music that should’ve been made still. Some great musical suggestions as we also take a look into why Chicago’s 93.1 WXRT is a must listen.

I Am McLovin!

The gents are back and this time they are discussing their favorite R rated comedies, which ones will make the cut? This along with the News and Rumors segment and so much more! So get your popcorn, grab a drink, and don’t forget the goldslick vodka for this episode of Yumper and Svo!

The Declaration Of Good Vibes!

I’m very excited to bring you this 24th piece of the musical pie. In honer of the 4th of July, We will look into the art of independence to be free to rock out to whatever music that you may want to listen to. On the Hookup, we are always down to expand our horizons as we feel it’s the strength to great musical consciousness. We will also put together a little 5 song must playlist for your 4th of July blast. We always appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. Let this episode go off like fireworks in a grand finale.