What Is Sadistic Penguin Studios?

Who we are?

A group of friends who like talking about and sharing the many and various things we love to do, to watch, and to follow.

What we love?

Movies, Wrestling, The Chicago White Sox, Collections, Friends, and Our wives.

What we hope to do?

Have fun creating content and community that make people laugh and engage with one another in supportive ways.

Meet Your Hosts

The OG

Host of Collectors Corner and an occasional Hot Take. A 5-time #Soxmath winner, a Gas Money champion, and a man with questionable character. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. A life long White Sox, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks fan who has been fortunate enough to see all his teams win at least one title.

Mr. Hand dreamed of catching for the White Sox, but Carlton Fisk’s arrival put an end to that. Then was ready to play 1b until some guy named Frank Thomas showed up. An associate with @fromthe108 who can be found either at Guaranteed Rate Field or a golf course during the summer.

aka "Mr. Hand"

Pete Hand

Yumper And Svo At The Show

One-half of the Yumper and Svo Podcast, Yumper is a family man, movie buff, maker of crazy gifs, and video game lover.

Yumper is also a lover of the culinary arts, meaning he loves to eat good food, especially tacos! Never a person to shy away from his opinion about movies, Yumper still stands by his beliefs that Encanto and Halloween Kills are terrible! 

The other half of the Yumper and Svo Podcast, Svo can be best described as a movie nerd, White Sox fan, buffalo wing connoisseur, lover of all things Batman, collector of New Era hats and a pop punk enthusiast.

Svo can usually be found at movie theater checking out the latest films, playing his PS5 or at a concert jamming out with his favorite bands.

aka "Svo"

Justin Svoboda

It's Getting Drafty In Here

It’s Getting Drafty In Here host Magnificent Stan, is an avid lover of all things White Sox and professional wrestling.  Whether it’s discussing Rick Hahn’s brilliance (or lack thereof) or whether the Montreal Screwjob was legit, he’s always up for a heated debate.

He enjoys spending his days working on his midlife crisis, which includes collecting random crap – vinyl records, Funko pops and wresting action figures.  He loves the Macho Man, hates The Crow and has been told he’s a next-level hugger.  And for some odd reason, his wife loves him

aka "Magnificent Stan"


The Hook Up On Music

The Hook Up On Music host The Sugar Baggy gives us insight on what made him a Music Fan: “Music has always been a huge part of my life. At a very young age, my Dad exposed me to all different kinds of music and bands. From Led Zeppelin to Brian Ferry, he showed me a wide range of songs. At that time, I didn’t always appreciate the funky stuff. As I got older and learned more, I realized that those artists were the real deal.”

“Music is my passion and my weapon for life. It has gotten me through some dark times in my life, as well as the good. It has the magic to transport you back in time and pretend you’re in a different decade, even just for two minutes. Over the years, I have stumbled upon music or bands I would never have been caught listening to when I was 12. XTC? Bruce Springsteen? Love them both equally. Music will always be a part of me and I hope to share what I’ve learned and what I love with others.


aka "The Sugar Baggy"



Adding some female flair to the studio, Roxy Felde is a sports fan, music lover, and petter of all the dogs. You can catch Roxy at Sox Park, a dive bar, a Ghost show, and at the local pizzeria. You won’t be getting her movie opinions but she makes up for that with her obnoxious amount of love for Hugh Jackman.

aka "Chi_Rox"


Alexis Lopez is the Jello-O shot making, thiccc baseball player loving, self-proclaimed “resident meatball of WST.” A true city kid, she grew up as a die hard fan of all things Chicago sports. Not only does she enjoy sports-related content, but loves cooking, entertaining, and astrology (it’s more than your sun sign). 

When she’s not at Sox park or the United Center, catch her roaming the streets of the West Loop being a beverage goblin. Alexis will be writing mostly about her beloved White Sox, as well as any other random thought that pops in her head- as long as Svo approves. 

aka "lexlopez"


The Sadistic Penguin Family