The Hook Up on Music Podcast

Thankful Rocking, While Sad Hall And Oates are Squabbling!

We give Thanks to you the listener on this 45th slice of pie!!!! When you’re done eating leftovers please take a listen about new artists Bar Italia and Agriculture. We also talk the Decemberists 4th album The Crane Wife. We talk the sad squabbling of Hall and Oates. We dig into tracks you may hear at a Thanksgiving get together. We show are thanks for you along with Miles Davis to Corrosion Of Conformity and Common and Iron Maiden in between. Thank you for always taking some time with THE HOOKUP ON MUSIC.

 The Slayer Headbangers Of Funk!

Tonight We’re at 44 and we’re gonna deliver so much more tunes you love!!! Slayer is one of the main dishes on tonight’s full plate of musical amazingness. We also talk A Tribe Called Quest and Marvin Gaye. We dig into things from the past that are no more like Headbangers Ball. We talk Trent Reznor’s new film score. We talk new artist Noah Kahan and amazing guitarist John McLaughlin. Thank you so much for digging into the musical vault with THE HOOKUP ON MUSIC!

 Sugar Baggy Shreds The Top 250 Guitarists Of All Time!

Thank you so much for joining the fun!!! Tonight we take an in depth look into Rolling Stone Magazines most recent greatest guitarist list. There’s a few highs and a bunch of lows. We get to the bottom of some of the placements and where we would put certain artists. We also talk the brand new released Beatles song. Also dig into some concerts that are coming around the bend. We got our guitar tuned and we’re ready to shred!

 A Weekend of Slipknot In Earth, Wind, and Fire!

Tonight we welcome Stoop Kid to our 42nd show. We like to shed the spotlight on working musicians. Stoop’s musical knowledge stretches all the way from Motown to The Devil Wears Prada. We dig deep into what shaped his musical beginnings to some of the beginning bands he’s played with including Pray Macabre. In between we talk about so many artists from different genre’s. We cover The Weekend and Slipknot in the same sentence with the same intensity. Thank you for spinning the double groove on this musical mayhem.

Are There Phish In The Smashing Pumpkins?

Do we have to leave the Pumpkin Patch? Not quite yet on episode 41! We tackle The Smashing Pumpkins as their name screams Halloween. We also dig into King Diamond and what he’s meant to metal. ACDC sings about Hell and Tangerine Dram has been on some amazing horror soundtracks. We talk The Exorcist and The Shining’s super scary score. We also talk the new Blink and Rolling Stones. As always we look into new artists as Knuckle Puck, Mitski and Motionless In White. Thank you as we chill with the ghosts on this amazing ’45!

Jammin’ With The Great Pumpkin!

On tonight’s scariest 40th jam, we are looking at many different awesome Halloween related music. We’re heading with The Specials to the Ghost Town. We’re going to be doing the Monster Mash. So many Classics from Oingo Boingo to Reptiles and Draculas. We will be digging deep into The Mummy’s vault to pick out favorites along with spooky deep cuts. The Doors got scary’s. Pink Floyd will ask you to be careful with that axe. We hope that The Great Pumpkin joins us for a head bobbin good time as we dig into everything from Ramones Pet Sematary to Nick Cave! Let’s hit the crypt for some good times down at THE HOOKUP ON MUSIC.

Lost Boys at The Power Trip Festival!

For Those About To Rock, The HOOKUP ON MUSIC salutes you on episode 39. We dig into the band Deer Tick and also a story from a recent Megadeth show. We then head out to the desert for the recent Power Trip Fest. Which featured Iron Maiden, Guns ‘N Roses, Tool, Metallica, Judas Priest and AC/DC. Hear what classics were played. Hear about the highs and the very few lows of the honoring of Heaviness in the Desert. Then we talk about the classic The Lost Boys soundtrack to honor our Halloween tune tradition. Thank you so much for taking the time for some Dirty Deeds!!!

Running The Jewels with The Moon!

We got the Squeeze Box set at episode 38!!!! We start by wrapping up our recent Tupelo/Son Volt/Wilco with the release of Wilco’s Cousin. We then talk about recent Peter Gabriel and Run The Jewels shows. With the recent arrest in the Tupac case, we dive into his career. Are the backing bands as good as the artist they’re backing. A new kind of Mosh Pit, Keith Moon and some amazing Halloween tunes make up this amazing good time surfing tunes!

 A Minor Threat In The Muddy Waters!

It’s time to get all funky and punky for our 37th LP! We kick it into high gear talking about Talking Heads classic concert film Stop Making Sense which was just rereleased with amazing new sound. We then head down to Farm Aid to check on the most recent addition. Muddy Waters is our first dig deep into the blues. Hear about some classics and everything in between from this legend. We continue our series from last week with the Uncle Tupelo spin off band Son Volt. Minor Threat is well known in the DC Punk/Hardcore scene. We dig into the catalog and the beginnings of this amazing band. We dig into the scarries with Type O Negative and The Werewolves of London. Thank you for dropping the needle on this groove!

There’s a Riot Fest In Primusville!

We’ve been rocking and rolling to such amazingness I almost lost count that we are on episode 36!!!!! There was a Riot Musical Fest going down for three whole days in Chicago. We were on the ground floor and we got the goods and live clips on everyone from Foo Fighters and Turnstile to Pennywise and Corey Feldman. We will highlight all the amazing happenings over the three day weekend. We will also look back at when Primus donned the Riot Fest Stage. We will mention the amazing guests that they have worked with along with their amazing album catalog. We dig into the saga of Uncle Tupelo. We finish by continuing down our Spooky Song catalog. Enforced is a great band to get the season going. Thank’s for surfing albums with us as always!