Tony B.

In The Big Apple Of Musical Ideas!

Thank you for joining me on this special 19th episode!!! We are moving the needle further into the groove. Tonight I am joined with Hans of The Action Movie Book Club Podcast to talk in depth on topics ranging from shows he’s seen in The Big Apple to some of his favorite music to movie/tv scenes. This our 5th time getting together and having a blast. Also we talk the Tv Show Yellowjackets musically, Milwaukee Metal fest and some new tunes!

Does My Bologna Like Taylor Swift?

Tonight on our 18th episode, so much fun talking music was had that it’s filled to the brim. I am joined by Chicago Sports Bum’ Bologna to discuss some great music topics! Taylor Swift to Tom Petty is on the agenda. From amazing concerts to tailgates of past decades! One thing I know for sure is we’re going to have a blast. Please tune in to see what fun we get into on The HOOKUP.

Killer Tunes From Outer Space!

Thank you so much for listening to tonights 17th episode of The HOOKUP on Music. I am joined by the ever amazing Keelin to talk about some of her favorite albums. We talk classic albums Desert Sessions – vol 11 and 12, Dr. Octagon- Dr. Octagonecologyst, Sun Ra – Space is The Place, Wet Leg – Wet Leg, The Budos Band- The Budos Band 1-3. We also talk some far out tunes to seeing some awesome concerts including Parliament!

Behind The Instrument’s Player Pt. 1

Thank you so much for joining me for a special HOOKUP ON MUSIC! I am joined by my main man Mick, @InSoxicatedFan to delve into the instruments he plays and the music that inspires him. We will talk about some drums and bass. Will talk about an awesome private concert featuring Snoop Dog. We will also talk bands such as Tool and 311. Thank you for tuning into this very special 16th episode as we always thank you for rocking out!

What’s My Age Again?

Welcome my musical comrades to the 15th episode of THE HOOKUP ON MUSIC. Today I am joined with fellow Penguins Alexis and Svo to break down some awesome music including the recent Blink 182 reunion show in Chicago. We will be talking about everything from Stevie Nicks to rocking some awesome tunes, like Everlong by Foo Fighters. One thing I know is please tune in to hear all the fireworks of fun.

Rage Against The Nine Inch Nails!

Get “Comfortably Numb” on this 13th episode!!! The Hookup on Music are here to breakdown Five classic albums. I am joined by the ever good time BZ to dig deep on some classics through the years. We breakdown Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral, Rage Against The Machine, Tool- Lateralus, Pink Floyd- The Wall and The Notorious B.I.G- Ready To Die. Tune into see what in depth stuff we uncrack on these classics. Also New Releases and Upcoming Chicago Area Concerts all included!!! Thank you as always for letting us be your HOOKUP!

Metal Under The Vanilla Sky!

Thank you so much for joining us for our 12th episode. I am joined by good friend of the show, Jaylan to go in depth on the hard rock in which she loves and in depth look at some awesome bands from her hometown. We also talk about bands such as The Scorpions all the way to Metallica! We also go in depth on the music in Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky!! Take a second to come rock out with The HOOKUP!