June 2023

Does The Goose Have Little Feat?

Turn this episode up as loud as you can because it ensure’s to put a smile on your face. I am joined by the very musical knowledgable Stressfreehon to have a great in depth conversation on some of the best. We as such questions like “Have you ever what it took to make it through a certain tough situation with grief?” While answering this question we take a look into such bands as Sleep Token, Little Feat, Goose, Deftones and many many more. Stressfreehon called this the “Michael Jordan episode!” could’t ask for a more amazing 23rd episode!

Runnin’ Down A Dream Cover!!

I am joined by fellow Penguin, Brian and The man who brought tonights gem to us, Comic Punk Guy! The Gem in which I speak of is being able to pick our dream covers.
Comic Punk Guy: Foo Fighters- The Fixer (Foo Fighters), Local H- Rooster (Alice In Chains), Ghost- Spreading The Disease (Queensryche)
Brian: Motorhead- My Heart Goes On (Celine Dion), Andrew WK- Particle Man (They Might Be Giants) , Beck- Runnin’ Down A Dream (Tom Petty)
Tony: Johnny Cash- Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden), The Pretenders- Where Eagles Dare (The Misfits), Faith No More- Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
Lot’s of surprises are in store as we don’t know the artist or the song in which they will cover.

Another Playlist In The Wall Pt. 1!

I am joined by returning guest BZ to compile a couple of epic playlists. We talk in depth on what makes a good playlist and what would we be some good rocking tunes if we were jamming.
BZ Playlist: Vell (featuring DJ Mustard)-Oakland, Perfect P.- Bells, Gorillaz (Featuring Vince Staples)- Ascension, Retirement Party- Better Off Now, Poe- Angry Johnny, Pink Floyd- Waiting For The Worms, Drive By Truckers- Grand Canyon, Pogues- Body of an American, One Day As A Lion- If You Fear Dying, and Washed Out- Paracosm.
Tony’s Playlist: Pink Floyd- Have a Cigar, Tool- Eulogy, Primus- Those Dam Blue Collar Tweekers, Spacehog- In The Meantime, David Bowie- Ashes To Ashes, Led Zeppelin- All My Love, Nine Inch Nails- Something Damaged, Wu Tang Clan- Bring Da Ruckus, Alice In chains- Rotten Apple, and Motorhead- The Chase Is Better Than the Catch.

 I Wanna Jam It Wid You!

Welcome to the land of sunshine for our 20th episode!!! Summer is here and they’re some musts on the Summer music list. On today’s newest episode we will dig into Bob Marley, Toots and Dead and Company to spread sunshine. These band feel like it takes the season up a notch. What better way to spread it than on The Hookup. We will also look into a new release from Jason Isbell. We got lot’s of positivity to spread.

In The Big Apple Of Musical Ideas!

Thank you for joining me on this special 19th episode!!! We are moving the needle further into the groove. Tonight I am joined with Hans of The Action Movie Book Club Podcast to talk in depth on topics ranging from shows he’s seen in The Big Apple to some of his favorite music to movie/tv scenes. This our 5th time getting together and having a blast. Also we talk the Tv Show Yellowjackets musically, Milwaukee Metal fest and some new tunes!