Camden Yards Rocks and the White Sox Should Take Notes

By: Chi_rox_

Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, has been a fan favorite ballpark for many years. I decided I needed to see it for myself and visited this past weekend (August, 2023) and I could not agree more. While I haven’t had many ballparks to compare it to, there are so many aspects of it I would love to see implemented by the White Sox.

Smooth Entry

No, not like that.

Admittedly, this is a real downer to have to write but, in comparison to the White Sox, getting into Camden was an absolute breeze. While the Orioles only rank slightly better than the Sox in terms of attendance, their overall numbers have increased by over five thousand fans per game compared to 2022 which is a stellar jump. I attended a game on a Thursday evening and a Saturday evening which included a giveaway and neither experience took longer than 30 seconds. Between having every security gate open and a faster handoff of the giveaway item, a Felix Bautista bobblehead, the Orioles staff ensured your first taste of the ballpark wasn’t met with frustration.

Birdland Membership

The Orioles, having lost 100 games in three of the last six years, have to get creative with ways to get fans into the park-enter the Birdland Membership. This membership is something I would love to see the White Sox enact but unfortunately would require Jerry Reinsdorf to actually care about the fans so I’m not optimistic! Between getting 25% off merch and concessions (including alcohol!) and access to the Birdland Members Clubhouse which includes complimentary beverages and popcorn, it almost sells itself. This would be a dope option for Sox fans to have to hang out before the game and would definitely convince folks to buy more at the park (hint hint Jerry).

Birdland Membership Clubhouse. Photo courtesy of justD of the Orioles Hangout Forum

Steady Eddie IPA

Eddie Murray is a HoF first basement who made a name for himself during his time with the Orioles. The 6 time All-Star (five of which with the Orioles) has a beer in his honor at the ballpark, a crisp IPA named Steady Eddie. Not only is this beer refreshing, its a solid way to pay tribute to a legendary Oriole. The White Sox are certainly no stranger to legendary players putting on their uniform, so it’s only right that they pull a similar move. Would love to see the Big Hurt Beer brought back or even a (Mark) Buehrle beer. Sox baseball is infinitely easier to watch after a couple two tree brewskis, why not make it a Sox brew?

This list could go on but I think we all get the point. The Orioles are the AL’s team to be, and I am one jealous Sox fan. If you’ve ever been to Camden, we would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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