We Went to Cincinnati-It Didn’t Suck!

The Cincinnati Reds Hosted the White Sox and some brave souls ventured to Jerry Springer’s city to see it.

Every year our pals over at Sox Machine and From the 108 coordinate a Sox away series gathering in the Midwest, this year the Reds and Great American Ballpark were the lucky recipients of our time. Sadistic Penguins members Aloha Mr. Hand, Magnificent Stan, Alexis, and I took it upon ourselves to represent the crew during our time there. This being my first time in Cincinnati and Ohio in general, I didn’t know what to expect-I was surprisingly not disappointed!


Game one between two very mediocre teams but that did not stop the vibes. Holy Grail Tavern and Grill was the pregame stop and it was fantastic as the drinks were strong but the final bill was cheap. It didn’t matter that the Sox and Reds had less wins combined than the Tampa Bay Rays had total, we were here for good friends, good beer, and halfway decent baseball. Sox won 5-4 and the city of Cincinnati was kind enough to have a post game fireworks show to celebrate.

Vegas Bombs a plenty, video courtesy of Marj Raguso


Saturday was a blur, your girl here was down bad as the game approached. Before it got bad I participated in a 5k which was a great way to see the city of Cincinnati. Overall 6/10, too hilly. After the 5k we rode over to the Cincinnati Zoo to pay our respects to Harambe, RIP big guy-the city did you dirty.

video courtesy of Marj Raguso

Once we felt that we had paid enough respects, we yet again went to watch the White Sox. They lost, it sucked. We did subject ourselves to some Skyline Chili dogs though! I am not sure which was worse, the Sox performance or this meal. Easily the best part of the night was Reds fans playfully singing us goodbye. You’re wishing me well and asking me to leave Ohio? Say no more, fam.

Overall I’d give the ballpark a 6/10 with the area surrounding the park a 9/10. Skyline chill is a mid 4/10 and their beer selection was another 6/10. The only true 10/10 experience of the trip, outside of being with some of my favorite people in the world, was the stop at Waffle House on the way home. Cheers friends, Go Sox.

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