MLB Jersey/Hat Rankings

I’m trying my hardest to get into baseball during the “hot stove season” but the White Sox lack of moves is definitely not making it easy. I decided to revisit my jersey hat rankings, to see if it sparks anything, but if not, back to focusing purely on football! I’ve done this before, but wanted to share again.

I’ve based my rankings on a combination of logo, hat, home, alternate and City Connect Jerseys. I’ve left out the road or away jerseys because traditionally they are a grey jersey with the city name on them. I’ve also considered a potential ranking in all these based on previous jerseys/logo and throwback possibilities. 

30. Cleveland Guardians

What an absolutely boring, jersey/hat/logo. I’m bored just typing this. Should have been the Cleveland Spiders.

29. Washington Nationals

The Walgreens logo is corny, and it doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor, the Montreal Expos. They score some points with the alternate hat with the capital building on it, and they have a fantastic City Connect Hat/Jersey combo, that’s accent with the signature DC Cherry Blossom’s!

28. San Diego Padres

They’ve always kind of had shitty uniform/jersey colors. The ’90’s navy and orange when Tony Gwynn was on the team was my favorite of theirs, but that’s like asking me, who’s my favorite Green Bay Packer. City Connect Hats are elite, jerseys are ehh.

27. Miami Marlins

This would be so much higher up on the list, if they still wore their expansion era teal/black logo and jersey, but the change from those, to the orange and black, to this new Miami vice vibe they are going for isn’t flattering. I like the blue jersey, just not enough to overcome all that black. Marlins/Sugar Kings City Connect are really amazing, and my second favorite City Connect.

26. Texas Rangers

I don’t know where to start with the Rangers and their logo/uniform combo is just boring. They have an alternate logo with the state of Texas and their traditional Rangers cursive lettering that they never use, It’s just the block T. It’s so boring, not ugly, not anything, just boring.

25. Arizona Diamondbacks

Here is an example if I like any part of your combo, you move up in rankings, the D-Backs have a black alternate hat with the snake holding the baseball in its fangs outlined in teal that really pops. The rest of the combinations are head scratchers. City Connect Los Serpientes jersey/hats are pretty great!

24. Houston Astros

I’ve never really liked these uniforms. I honestly prefer the jersey/logo they had during the Kerry Wood 20 strikeout game, and the ’05 World Series against the Sox. They did release a hat that they wore during a “Turn Back the Clock” night with the Apollo 11 mission patch on it that I thought was super cool. These hats/jerseys are now forever tainted, and belong in the no-pun-intended “trash.” Also I kind of dig the “Space City” City Connect…hate that Jose Abreu plays for this team now!

23. San Francisco Giants

Honestly I feel the same way about the Giants that I do about the Rangers, they are just there, except with brighter, cooler colors. Orange should be the primary, used more instead of the black. Their alternate logo of the ball splashing into McCovey cove bumps this up higher than the Rangers. The City Connect jerseys/hats are weird.

22. Minnesota Twins

I’m trying to do my best here to keep personal feelings out of this, but something about the Twins logo infuriates me. My least favorite teams in sports, are the Packers, Pistons, Red Wings, and Twins. I dig the TC logo. It’s cool that it is not just the M they used in the ’90’s, but the jerseys are trash. The baby blue alternates and the navy Twins jerseys with the gold trim just don’t do it for me.

21. Toronto Blue Jays

Going back to the original logo a few years back was a power move, huge upgrade over the angry blue jay they went to during the early 2000’s. The use of their original font is so much nicer than the “Jays” they used during that time.

20. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Logo and hat get an A+, uniform combos are just rather white, red, and the road grey (blah!). Bring back the A with wings á la Angels in the Outfield era. Bring back the CA California Angels hats and jerseys as an alternate. If I were an Angels fan with the best player in baseball, I would personally try to have every Mike Trout jersey and hat combination that I could possible own. the City Connect stuff has no effect on this ranking because they are boring AF.

19. Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays would be so much lower on this list, if it wasn’t for them going back to the OG Devil Ray logo on their anniversary hats last season. The usual TB on the hats is doused in boredom, and the “ray of sun” in the logo is plain corny. Bring back some neon colors and the Devil Ray full time.

18. Philadelphia Phillies

Finally seeing Harper 3 in Philly pinstripes last year was pretty cool, but those powder blue jerseys are terrible! I do really like the all-white with pinstripes, and I like the all-white with the blue hats.

17. Colorado Rockies

Let me clear this up, I love this teams color scheme, absolutely love it. Purple is my favorite color. My only beef with this jersey/hat/logo is that I wish they used their alternate logo more with the actual illustration of the rocky mountains. I love the City Connect hats, don’t love the jerseys as much but the hats are fantastic.

16. Atlanta Braves

Love the color scheme, love the two tone hat, my wish here is that I wish they would wear the two tone hat with the tomahawk through the A more than just the all white A. I absolutely love the red alternate that they wear.

15. Seattle Mariners

I remember as a kid during Griffeys rookie year the blue hat with the yellow S. The change from the blue and yellow to the teal and navy was drastic, but it was definitely for the better, They use the throwback blue and yellow from time to time, and it’s cool to go back and look at. The S with the compass in it to me signifies the Griffey/ARod/Big Unit era, and it’s awesome. The alternate logo with the trident is also solid, top 15 MLB jersey/hat/logo combo for sure. Bring back the teal hats and you’re onto something!

14. Kansas City Royals

Let me clear something up, the top 15 are super hard for me to rank because I think they are all done really well. The Royals is a classic look. I remember when this wasn’t necessarily the case back in the 90’s when they tried to incorporate black into the jerseys and hats. I absolutely hated it. The Royals have the absolute best baby blue alternate and baby blue hat to match. The year after they won the world series they added gold to the logo and it was awesome. Great jerseys/hat/logo combo.

13. Baltimore Orioles

I went to Camden Yards with my buddies Aaron and Kevin awhile back, and I buy a hat from all the ballparks I visit. This was my hardest decision, and I went with the ’90’s era logo. Orange, white and black all look so clean when put together. The O’s do it well, from the animated Oriole logo to the more accurate bird on the picture above. Love this combo. Also Camden Yards is my favorite ballpark I’ve visited, and literally the only cool thing about Baltimore.

12. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers suffer from a case of, “What the hell do we want”? They had the dopest logo and colors in the ’80’s and then during the ’90’s they went to a navy blue and the M with the wheat running thru it and that bizarre interlocking MB hat that I’m wearing above. 2020 is a return to glory for the Brew Crew, finally going back to the ball in glove logo. If it was still the blue they used in the ’80’s, this would be a top 10 combo for sure. I think the City Connect jerseys/hats are weird.

11. Cincinnati Reds

Clean look, nothing to out there, don’t love the Black Hat with the red bill, but its a clean look!

10. Detroit Tigers

Really hard to hate on a division rival with looks as clean as this olde English D, navy and orange. They had a really cool hat in the ’90’s with the Tiger coming thru the D, wish they would bring that back as an alternate. All in all, classic look, makes this an easy top 10 pick.

9. Boston Red Sox

Hat and logo are classic, don’t love the piping on the home whites, but it’s simple, clean and classic. City Connect Jerseys are an absolute different look than the rest of the color scheme but I like them!

8. New York Mets

Pinstripes, blue and orange, very simple, classic look, the royal alternate is fantastic, and they recently brought back the Black Alternate.

7. St. Louis Cardinals

All red STL hat, clean jerseys, and they have two alternate hats, all navy with red STL logo and the Navy with the cardinal on the bat. I’m almost positive if i wasn’t a Sox fan, I’d be a Cardinals fan. 

6. Oakland A’s

Love that the A’s have 3 different hats, all green with the white A’s logo: green hat, yellow brim with the A’s logo, and road all green hat with the A’s logo accented in yellow. Weird how on the Packers these colors are trash, but on the A’s they are fantastic

5. Chicago Cubs

Once again, I’ve tried to keep my bias out of these rankings. The Cubs have a top 5 jersey/hat/logo in all of sports. Cubs pinstripes are as iconic as anything in baseball. If the blue alternate was used more and the City Connect wasn’t so corny and , I would have ranked this number 1.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

All of Pittsburgh gets an A+ for rocking the same color combo. That gold P on that all black hat is absolute perfection.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

White LA on the blue hat, you can’t beat it, pure class. City Connect jerseys are an absolute dumpster fire!

2. Chicago White Sox

Look here’s the deal, the White Sox have had some god awful jersey combinations, none of them made a mark and stuck until they moved into the new ballpark in the ’90’s. Now that hat and logo are as iconic as the Yankees NY logo, all black jerseys and white pinstripes. On Sundays they throw in the ’83 jersey. I feel the City Connect is a mixed bag with Sox fans, but I love it. It’s almost as close to perfection you can get without achieving it.

  1. New York Yankees

We all knew this is where this would end up. I feel like I don’t even need to explain why they are number 1. They are called Yankee Pinstripes for a reason. The Yankee hat is the best in all of baseball, and it hasn’t had to change in forever.

Thanks for sticking with this and reading this. I know it’s goofy to put this much thought into baseball jerseys and hats, but honestly, what the hell else was i going to do?

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