MLB Hat Standings Week 2

Weekly MLB Hat Standings Week 2

MLB Hat Standings

Welcome to the first actual week of MLB Hat Standings, now that some games have been played. No video this week as I spent the afternoon with my family, eating and hanging out.

Our White Sox start the season the same way they ended it, first place in the AL Central. ‘Love the way they played going 6-3 and winning the first three series they played in. I left the traditional black Sox hat out for now and will showcase some others throughout the year. The Sox go on to play the expansion Guardians who are in second place in the AL Central, followed by the Tigers, Royals, and Twins.

The Toronto Blue Jays jump out to a first place finish this week, in what is sure to be a tight AL East race, and the AL West has a surprise leader after the first week of the season in the Los Angeles Angels.

In the National League the Cardinals, Mets, and Dodgers all lead their respective divisions after one week of play.

New additions to Svo’s hat collection, Brewers, Astros City Connect and Cooperstown Phillies Hat

Here are the new additions to the hat collection this week. I grabbed the Astros City Connect hat; I really like the lighter shade of blue and the orbit around the H. The Astros really should run with the space theme. My lovely wife surprised me with this Mike Schmidt era Phillies hat in my Easter Basket. I love the shade of red and the baby blue around the “batterman” logo on the back. I was also able to finally grab the main Brewers hat.

National’s City Connect Hat

Finally, an up close look at the National’s City Connect hat. Initially I thought the neutral grey was boring, but I love the way the cherry blossoms pop against it. I really like the Nat’s City Connect gear. The Royals are the next to drop their City Connect jerseys on April 20th, followed by the Rockies, Angels, Brewers, and Padres.

See you all next week for a standings update and a really cool new hat that I was finally able to get my hands on.


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