Madden 23(It’s in the game)

Madden 23 in Svo’s Batcave

At this point Madden is a tradition for guys my age, like opening day on the South Side, or iPhone launch for me. I’ve been buying it on my own since Madden 99. Every year I say I’m not going to buy it, I’ll skip this year, and every year, I buy it.

This year was absolutely no different, and until EA Sports brings back NCAA Football, I’ll continue to buy it, because for me Football games are the most fun to play, and I just love football, football to me is the absolute perfect video game simulation.

Madden 23 certainly has some flaws, but so far it’s a fun game, hearing the late great John Madden’s voice in the game makes me feel like I’m a kid again.

The Madden legacy game to introduce you to current game play is a very nice touch, you are playing in the old Pro Bowl with an All-Madden Roster, absolute blast returning kicks with the Devin Hester and throwing passes to my all time favorite player Randy Moss.

This version of the game has all the same game modes as previous generations, Face of the Franchise, GM Mode, MUT or Madden Ultimate Team.

People will complain about MUT or how you have to spend money to build it, but that’s just how games work nowadays, my interest is in the graphics, the gameplay, and as of right now the graphics are great, the gameplay is ok, but its only been out for two days, there will be patches, there will be updates, this is one of the better versions of Madden in the last 10 years.

I would love to see 2k make an NFL game and give EA some competition, just like I’d love to see NBA Live become relevant, to make sure NBA 2k doesn’t get stale, competition is good in the video game/technology arena. As a loyal Apple user I feel this way about Samsung, having a competitor is good, and it only makes you better, it’s not about who does it first, it’s about who does it correctly.

If rumors are true, there are only 324 days left until EA brings back College Football, so until then, I’ll continue to buy Madden every year and enjoy it. It’s come so far since my first experience with it on the SNES.

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