Essential Albums with Svo

Alkaline Trio Good Mourning

The summer of 2003 I had to go to 4 Best Buy’s, 2 Targets, and 1 Circuit City before I could get my hands on what would become my favorite Alkaline Trio record and among my top 5 favorite albums of all time. Yes kids, we had to actually go shop for our music at one point.

I’ve been obsessed with Alkaline Trio since my teen years when I used to see them at Fireside Bowl, and this album was highly anticipated after the strength of their previous album From Here to Infirmary.

The opening track, “This Could be Love,” was a sign of what was to come as this album produced pop-punk banger after banger.

Much like Blink-182, Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano’s voices compliment each other well, and each song gets stronger and stronger as the album goes on.

The album has multiple standouts that I could listen to over and over again. The single “We’ve had Enough” had heavy MTV play when music videos were still a thing.

But the biggest standouts on this album in my opinion are “Fatally Yours” and the brilliant acoustic track “Blue In the Face.” It’s a brilliant way to cap off an album that was high tempo from the first track.

I lived on the corner of Willow and Fell in Bloomington-Normal at ISU when this album came out. Despite it being 19 years old, it takes me back to living with my friends, who I’ve since grown apart from, but will always remain an important part of my life. It also takes me back to that first girlfriend, who was kind when she broke up with you, you thought your world was ending.

Alkaline Trio are still a thing and still make good music. Matt has gone on to make 2 albums with Blink after Tom departed, but this album will always be peak Alkaline Trio for me.


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