Does Rob Manfred actually like baseball?

Aloha, it’s your friend with questionable character. As all of us suffer while MLB (The Billionaires) and the MLBPA (The Millionaires) argue about who gets how much many I’ve been convinced that Rob Manfred is a Manchurian candidate who is trying to destroy baseball from the inside. Some of the moves that he has championed, such as runner on 2nd in extra innings, are absolutely awful and show that he has a lack of understanding of what makes this game great.

As this lockout carries on it is becoming clearer to me that when this is resolved, whenever that may be, Rob Manfred will be offered up as a sacrifice to the fans. The fans are disgusted and both sides will be looking to deflect blame and Rob Manfred is the most obvious candidate to pay the price.

I also believe that the next commissioner is already working in the MLB offices. Come on down Commissioner Theo Epstein.

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