Best of the Twitters: Strike Edition

There hasn’t been a Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists  joint strike since 1960. Do you know what’s going on in Hollywood with the SAG-AFTRA Strike? Guest blogger Quernzy gives a little insight on the tweets she feels best represent the Strike!

The divide between the workers and the billionaire CEOs is more and more ridiculous.

I mean…..

I feel lucky to be part of a union where we can fight for even a little bit of these insane profits. I respect writers more than anyone in this industry and SAG-AGTRA actors have been supporting them since day one of their contract negotiations. So it only seems right that my union would double-down and join the fight when our contract is also ready for negotiation. This fight is for fair residuals in the streaming world and for job protection against AI technology. This fight is for the 90% of actors who make a median salary and just want a raise to meet inflation. (Example: California Actors are paid an avg of $27.73/hr it isn’t for 12 months and is inconsistent. Leaving many actors unable to even meet the threshold to pay for medical insurance. Let alone live at the median with wages. CNN)  

Because the writers are amazing, here’s my favorite strike sign written when the actors joined the picket lines: (gold stars if you get this movie reference!)


Just a little bit of what we are dealing with – there are independent film companies that are permitted to film during the strike because they agreed on the negotiated terms! Hey Netflix, what’s up with that?!

Of course, Mandy Patinkin (fellow White Sox fan) is always on the front lines:

And the sooner the Producers make a fair deal, the sooner we can get a second season of Andor. 8 Emmy nominations is pretty good proof that there’s only ONE WAY OUT!


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