Empire State of Mind: Episode 2 Hard Knocks

The second episode of Hard Knocks opens with Magician Oz Pearlman performing tricks for the team before a team meeting, like correctly predicting what the score of Super Bowl 57 would be and who the Jets would beat.

I gotta be honest with you, I originally had thoughts about this season trying to humanize Aaron Rodgers after basically 3 seasons of everyone in the world except Packers fans thinking he was the biggest douchebag. While Hard Knocks may be trying to do that, it’s failing miserably. 

In a joint practice with the Panthers Rodgers sneaks up behind his old Offensive Line coach from Green Bay James Campen, and says to him, “You look fat as shit.” I get it that guys bust each others balls, but if the whole world hated you the look isn’t your best. 

Where this season excels is showcasing the Jets’ young talent. In this episode it is DT Quinnen Williams who signed a 4 year, 96 million dollar deal in the offseason. This week we watch Williams absolutely destroy in practice, causing Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett to flip him off jokingly.

We also have the traditional rookie talent show. This one was unlike most other years, and it was terrible. Linebacker CJ Mosley demanded the rookies try it again the following week because it was so bad. 

Even with my disdain for Aaron Rodgers, this is still a really entertaining season so far. The Jets have a really fun young roster, this week rookie Will McDonald allowed the camera to follow him into a piercing studio and then watched him have a dominant game against the Panthers. 

Next week should be even more exciting with the addition of Dalvin Cook to the Jets’ roster.

Hard Knocks airs Tuesday nights on HBO and Streams on MAX the same night 

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